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the travels


The travels are the framework within which I will  work the co.ming years

Each cluster of journeys will target a different wind direction in Europe.

The voyages are an open process of exploration. I will explore how the biosphere crisis is changing our world. I want to portray the landscapes, but also people, situations, processes, in order to present a comprehensive picture of our situation.

In the blog I report on the preparations for the trips, I share information and news, thoughts and reflections about the projects but also about all possible related topics, short and longer essays, reports of my meetings and conversations with experts, helpers, guides, friends and other inhabitants of the planet. 

the blog

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A collection of quotes, stories and excerpts from essays or books that are relevant to the perspectives I want to offer and help disseminate. 

quotes and stories

Here you will find links to sites, blogs or articles that are relevant to my projects and that I want to help spread.


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