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the travels

The project of the travels has shifted somewhat in time due to various circumstances. The past few years have been intense on a personal level. In early 2021, shortly after announcing my project, my father passed away. In early 2023, my wife Agnes' mother passed away. Needless to say, this time of ‘letting go’ of our parents was an intense process that required time and attention. I have written about these processes in the blog posts


'Fragments of a life'       and      'Old news'


In addition to these intense events, there were other processes in life that caused the work on the travel project to be delayed. But there is no rush, and life is exactly as it should be at every possible moment. Just as a journey is not about arriving, this project is not about a quick result. Life IS the journey.


You can read a bit about the ongoing transition from my former life as a visual artist to the new life and project in the September 2023 newsletter.

As soon as the research for the travels is under way, there will be updates here on the progress of the project!

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