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we and the transition

This feed features posts that are in some way related to the question of how we personally relate to the profound transitions to come. Transitions in our economy, in our way of thinking about 'wealth', work, leisure and travel, food, health, emotional health in times of crisis, housing, energy, and so on. The convergence of crises often invites two different reactions: number 1: it's too overwhelming and we can't do anything about it and certainly I can't - the government has to fix it all'; or number 2: the weight of the world rests on my shoulders and I have to strive for perfection in my personal life and behavior - which in turn often leads to resistance and dissociation, or despondency and apathy. These posts will cover perspectives that explore the middle ground. Yes, massive systemic change is needed, but each of us can be part of the change, in more ways than you may realize at this time.

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