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These galleries showcase some of my visual work since 2012.

For some time I was unsure whether my work still had a place on this site. In the end I decided that it is relevant as a background for my project. Many of my ideas and insights originated in my visual work, and the thirty years of my artistic path have been an initiation that has brought me to this point. Moreover, one of my aims is to bring together the different modes of research - such as the scientific, the artistic, the mystical, the philosophical,.... So it would be a bit strange to filter out my lifelong path as a visual artist from this.

  I have chosen to show these five series of drawings and mixed media work in small format on this site because these series are a record of my search that has brought me to my current insights and new projects.

In addition to a visual investigation, each of these series was also an inquiry into consciousness and an investigation into the paradigms that determine our perception and conceptualization of the world.

  I have also included a portfolio of my photographic work since 2005. This gives an idea of my background as a photographer, and the view with which I approach the photographic part of 'A Biosphere Project'.

You can read more about this work and its substantive aspects that are relevant to my journey via the link below 'about my visual work'

2016-03-11 at 16-09-02.jpg
AA6_8425 - Version 2.jpg
AA6_5395 - Version 2.jpg
Thinking Out Loud
2013-05-02 at 13-28-40.jpg
Botanical Studies
The Mycological Travels
Drawings from the Arctic
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