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Drawings From The Arctic

In February and March of 2017, I spent three weeks at the Krakeslottet art residence, on the remote island of Senja, in the far north of Norway. Krakeslottet is located in an old fishing base, a wooden construction half on stilts  above  built in the Arctic Ocean, some 400km above the Arctic Circle. During these three weeks in the Arctic winter, most of which I spent alone, I drew outdoors into the landscape, in sketchbooks. Inside I processed the sketches into larger drawings, all 70cm by 50cm. 

At the same time I photographed the surroundings and the island, and wrote texts about my work in letter form. In a way  During these weeks the seeds for my current project were sown. You can read more about these drawings and the weeks in Krakeslottet via the link below "About Drawings From The Arctic".

About Drawings from The Arctic
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