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Musings and Meditations

Updated: Feb 24

Dear reader and follower of A Biosphere Project,

This is the first installment of a new mini-project.

As an addition to A Biosphere Project's blog, I would like to experiment with regularly sharing short musings, inspirations, ideas, intuitions.

These short musings and mediations can sometimes include just a single quote, a video, or a few photos or journal entries. For now, I am leaving it completely open and want to go along with what presents itself spontaneously.

The focus in these musings, though, will be on positive energy and hopeful news, new ideas and love for our living world.

These musings and meditations may be directly related to the project, but they need not be. I think my previous texts have already shown that, in my opinion, there is nothing human that is not related to the biosphere, to our experiences in it, and to our search for a way of existence that is in harmony with our planet, our biosphere, our role in the Universe.

So these musings can be about pretty much anything, and I would like to leave it to my intuition to indicate in what direction it will evolve. In my travel project and in my blog, I try to strike a balance between sounding the alarm and spreading hopeful news, but in the short meditations and musings, the focus will be on anything that points to hope and to a potentially much better world that we can create in the future.

And in these musings, I would allow playful sidesteps, seemingly unrelated incongruities, poetic excursions or intuitive hunches.

I do this because I feel it can be a meaningful addition to the blog, since I want to explore a ‘stream of consciousness’ (my own but also that of our society) and the expressions of that stream of consciousness cannot always find a place in the texts in the blog or in the essays.

It is my intention to send these short musings and meditations weekly on Sundays or Mondays, but it should not become a stress-factor so some un-regularity will be possible there.

These short reflections will appear in a separate blog feed on the website. You will also be able to find them via the blog section of the same name in the menu at the top of the web pages.

To conclude this introduction, I am sharing a picture of one of the places that has greatly inspired me to this change of path, and this new project It is an image of our old mud farmhouse and garden in Hungary. The image at the top of this email is a picture of the same garden. My partner Agnes is of Hungarian descent, and we live our lives in two countries. Something I experience as a great privilege and a great source of energy and inspiration. That we can enjoy living in this old farmhouse with this large garden is an even greater privilege. In ordinary language one would say that the house is 'our property', but I see it differently. Rather, we may be the guardians of this house and garden for a time, in gratitude for those who have gone before us and respect for those who come after us.

This house and garden radiate a special energy, as does the adjacent forest. But more on that another time. For now, I just wanted to share how beautiful this place is. Here in this garden I often meditate, and this place played an important role in the creation of my new project.

Thank you for reading, until the next installment,

All the best to you,



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