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About a More Beautiful World

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Just finished reading this, what a book!!

Dear friends, do yourself a favor and read this incredibly wise and inspiring work by Charles Eisenstein: "The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible."

Now also available in Dutch.

For those who need academic credentials to take someone seriously, Charles has a PhD in Mathematics and Analytical Philosophy from Yale University.

But I certainly wouldn't call him a "philosopher" in the usual sense of the word, and "The More Beautiful World..." is certainly not philosophy in the usual sense of the word.

His way of thinking and feeling is too original, too much from the heart, too far outside the beaten track of our usual thinking for that. This is without doubt one of the most extraordinary books I have ever read, and I dare not hesitate to call it genius in its simplicity, clarity, generosity, expansiveness, honesty, modesty and lucidity.

'The More Beautiful World...' is not a feel-good New Age book, and the better world Eisenstein envisions is not a rosy cloud of vague good intentions, nor a world in which more technology will save us, but a world that will necessarily will be based on very different beliefs than the world we have known until now. It will be a world where we will have to re-think and re-create everything from scratch.

But as an antidote to despondency and apathy, Eisenstein also gives us very new and extraordinary arguments to dare to believe again that everything we do on an individual level really matters, and that we are able to create another world - just not from our current worldview and our current beliefs, which prevent us from seeing aspects of reality that already herald the new world.

The better world will therefore start with a very far-reaching revolution in what we believe at the deepest level about the world, about ourselves, and about life.

But I've actually said too much already, and any attempt to summarize the contents of this book does it injustice. Just read it.

And take your time because it is a pearl.

Very highly recommended.


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